Onne 376  

(born: 1996)

(wither height 1.68m)

Champion 2007

Onne is an impressive stallion with a lot size, front and breed type. Onne is a topsport stallion with a strong mare line. The mother of Onne, Ytsje is star and preference. Followed by the star preference Korrie mare, four of her daughters star, preference to their offspring.

Onne himself has performed great in the harness sport for the gig:
* Winner competition National 2003
* Dutch champion breeding harness stallions 2004 and 2005
* Dutch champion class of honour 2005
* Dutch champion four-leaf 2005
* Dutch champion klavertje three 2005

Onne is approved on offspring, his descendants are the offspring study made with impressive results. Each year produces Onne more Champions Breeding Day and inspection toppers. The star percentage of his offspring is 53%, that is well above the average. The offspring of Onne are luxurious, breed-typical, best movements and have much front and look. Last year on multiple breeding days daughters of Onne competed for the Championships, both the youth, the three-year and older star mares. 

Several years Onne is the top leader of the Central Mare selection. Every year a largest amount of mares received the provisional or the final Crown predicate. Onne is the father of a large number of Crown Mares and not less than 8 Model Mares, the highest honorific that a Mare is to be obtained within the KFPS. Two sons of Onne approved for breeding: Jerke Bartele 434 and 472.

During the stallion 2007 Onne was crowned overall champion. On the last stallion selection Onne was described by jury as the King of the Friesian horse studbook!

This year again a  beautiful, luxurious sons of Onne designated for the central research.

Onne is the champion who also makes the champions!!


Voor een zending van vers sperma buiten Nederland dient de merriehouder zelf de koeriersdienst regelen.
For a shipment of fresh semen outside the Netherlands should the Mare owner itself arrange courier service.
Für eine Lieferung von frisch samen außerhalb der Niederlande sollten der Stute Inhaber selbst Kurierdienst organisieren.

 Leffert 306
 pref. sport
 Tamme 276
 ster, pref.
 ster, pref.
 ster, pref.
 Hearke 254
 pref., sport
 model, pref.
 ster, pref.




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