Norbert 444 

(born 2004)

(wither height 1.67m)

Reserve Champion 2010
Champion young stallion 2012 and 2013
Horse of the year 2013
Champion older stallions 2014 and 2015
General Champion 2012, 2013 and 2014 

Norbert is a luxury stallion with many breed type. He has an expressive head and a long shapely neck. Norbert is a young, build up stallion of good rectangular model. Norbert has a very strong, predicate rich pedigree, his mother, Amalia-Annie (Model, Pref) was champion of the central selection in 1996, and Reserve Champion of the Central Selection in 1997.

In 2010 Norbert is successfully released in the harness sports, he was convincing winner of the competition Region South, Norbert has all the league matches and the final closed by winning. Norbert released successfully in dressage , he is Z-dressage with victory points, what has yielded him the sport predicate.

Norbert was finally approved by descendants,  his descendants testing scored above average in ABFP with multiple hits. The progeny of Norbert perform well on inspections. The three year old and older of Norbertappeared on the inspection, resulting in a very high percentage of star: 62%! The first daughters have already been provisionally declared Crown. During the breeding day in Garijp achieved Kendra W. E. the Day Competition . On the Breeding in Delden Judy B was chosen as Best of the Day. The Central Mare Inspection in 2014 was another highlight for the offspring of Norbert , several daughters received the crown and the predicate head places. His daughter Judy B was Champion 3 -year-old and finally Overall Champion of the CK ! Janneke B was the second year in a row that she is the Queen of CK . The performance test of 2013 was Norbert also approved a huge success , two prominent sons including the performance champion . In 2015 in America, the third son of Norbert approved with very high points. 

In 2015 Norbert himself made very much impression during the HK in Leeuwarden, he was again champion of the older stallions ! He showed time and again his strong trot that combined with his beautiful and elegant appearance. This year there are two beautiful, luxurious sons of Norbert designated for the central examination.

Stallion with modern luxury and breed type 


Voor een zending van vers sperma buiten Nederland dient de merriehouder zelf de koeriersdienst regelen
For a shipment of fresh semen outside the Netherlands should the Mare owner itself arrange courier service
Für eine Lieferung von frisch samen außerhalb der Niederlande sollten der Stute Inhaber selbst Kurierdienst organisieren

 Tsjerk 328
 pref., sport
 Feitse 293
 Jochem 259
 ster, pref.
 model, pref., prest.
 Nanne 197
 ster, pref.
 model, pref.
 Hearke 254
 sport, pref.
 model, pref.
 ster, pref.




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