Menne 496

(born: 2012)

(wither height 1.69m)

Descent: Norbert 444 x Beart 411 x Nykle 309

Menne is a very strong en correctly built stallion with luxury. Menne is bred from a very strong predicate rich mother line, his father is the 3 fold stallion approval Champion Norbert 444, which stands for years in breeding. His mother is the star preference Nynke fan 't Skânswyke and she descended from the preference stallion Beart 411. Nynke fan 't Skânswyke is a first premium star mare and has an ibop score of 82 points, she has already 4 star worthy offspring and an approved son. Granddam of Menne is Eefke fan de Bosk, she also  is star preference. Eefke fan de Bosk decended from Nykle 309 and is a full sister of the studbook en sports stallion Ielke 382. Great-granddam Imkje is star preference performance and is a daughter of Tsjalling 235. This is mare strain 28.

Menne stand out during the Central Research by his strong and powerful movements, he showed a lot of  tact and balance. As a riding horse Menne achieved a good score of 79,5 points whereby his canter was evaluated with an eight. In both tightened  disciplines  Menne achieved as a driving horse 79 points and as a harness horse 78,5 points, also her he showed his powerful movements, tact and balance. Menne proved to be an excellent allrounder in all disciplines.






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