Maurits 437 sport

(born: 2004)

(wither height 1.69m)


Pedigree: Ulbert 390 x Ulke  338 x Jurjen 303

Maurits is a son of van Ulbert 390, his mother is star and preference mare merrie Wendy fan it Pompebled and her father is Ulke 338. Maurits is  well approved on his descendant and is very succesful in en is zeer succesvol in  breeding, he himself has performed excellently in the sport.  He has proven in the dressage and is several years successfully delivered in the National sports gear for the gig, he was among others Champion Stallions and Champion Class of Honor.

In breeding he does speak of themselves, his children performed excellent on the examination but they also do very well in sports. There run several notable children of Maurits in the sports gear. Maurits is father of 3 approved sons, these sons all have showed very strong performance during the Central Research and registered with excellent points as a pedigree stallion.




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