Hessel 480 

(born: 2010)

(wither height 1.72m)

Reserver Champion young stallion 2015
General Reserve Champion 2015


Hessel is because of his type the absolute epitome of a modern Frisian. He's big, has length in the legs and is built upwardly, which is accentuated extra through his long, light neck. He distinguishes itself by strong connections between the different skeletal parts such as neck / shoulder, shoulder / back and back / loins, followed by a long and well laid cross. That is where athletic ability and sustainability come from!

In the performance test Hessel stand out by his great way of moving.The trot is absolutely spectacular.A high and far grabbing frond leg, with powerful hind. The stallion moves with a lot of body use, is flexible and can switch. The step is spacious and active, the canter he jumps beautiful on and has a lot of balance in this.

The bloodlines of Hessel's interesting.Father Norbert 444 is a class apart. For three consecutive years the undisputed HK Champion and from his first two years of descendant many star daughters and sons, several tentative Crown mares and even two approved sons! If this line continues Norbert can become a big one. Mare of Hessel, Jitscke the Stierenweg is a star daughter Jelke 367. Jelke was a large and modern stallion and a son of born in America and approved Pyt 325. Jitscke van de Stierenweg is still a young broodmare, her first two inspected offspring are both star stated of which Hessel is approved. The dam report describes Jitscke at the age of 10 as a beautiful mare and breed typical, with a lot of quality in the legs, a spacious and powerful step and a good trot with a nice body posture.
The granddam of Hessel, the 1st premium star mare Preference Sports Fryske vd Bosch quarter.

In 2014 Hessel had a super nice debut on the stallion , he was one of the landmarks of inspection and ended in the last four of the young stallions. This year Hessel again performed great on the HK, he fell in with its modern exterior and strong trot ! Hessel won the head position in his group, was Reserve Champion of the young stallions and General Reserve Champion !


 Hessel is a promise for the future!


Voor een zending van vers sperma buiten Nederland dient de merriehouder zelf de koeriersdienst regelen
For a shipment of fresh semen outside the Netherlands should the Mare owner itself arrange courier service
Für eine Lieferung von frisch samen außerhalb der Niederlande sollten der Stute Inhaber selbst Kurierdienst organisieren

 Norbert 444
 Tsjerk 328
 sport, pref.
 Feitse 293
 model, pref., prest.
 model pref.
 Hearke 254
 sport, pref.
 ster, pref.
 Jitscke van de stierenweg
 Jelke 367
 Pyt 325 
 Maria van 't Hop
 ster, pref.
 Fryske v.d. Boschwijk
 ster, sport, pref.
 Gerlof 294 





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