Aarnold 471 

(born: 2008)

(wither height 1.70m)

Performance Champion 2012

Aarnold is a ‘sharp-looking' stallion, who is beautifully built up and offers a modern edge. The neck is long and there nicely. Aarnold has is deep black of color.

Aarnold has a low affinity percentage: 16.7%, some very interesting. This is partly due to the unrelated Jacob 302 in his dam line. The pursuit of blood spread will be explicitly put into practice. Aarnold comes from a very strong predicate rich maternal line, his mother is star, after that two star / pref mares and a model / pref mare follow.

Aarnold has very successfully passed the performance test, he is the performance champion of 2012. Under the saddle he scored 79 points, in harness he earned 84.5 points for the driving test and 85 points for the test in harness. He has all the parts for a 7 or higher scored. During the performance test Aarnold showed a beautiful image under saddle, he showed great tact and movements with great regularity. Aarnold has shown talent both as riding and as a good harness. In harness he showed front and a nice upward posture. The foreleg is well explained. The stallion comes with an incoming good hind leg, and showed good flexibility. 

Aarnold is released successfully in dressage, he is now M- qualified to start . Last year Aarnold released in the harness sport in the National Competition for the gig , he got pretty placings and a third place in the standings.

In 2014,  first foals of Aarnold were born , they are strongly built, have excellent size and can walk and trot . Thomas T won the foal championship of the colts in Kootwijk . During the CK ran both the colts and fillies in foal of Aarnold along in the final. 

Aarnold has a fine pedigree, which fits many mares, he is free from the common blood of Jasper, Leffert and Feitse.


 Wikke 404
 Ritse 322
 Oege 267
 ster, pref.
 Annerichje T
 Gerlof 294
 Frieda fan Marksate
 Jacob 302
 Naen 264
 Grada fan Marksate
 ster, pref.
 Nammen 308 
 ster pref. 




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