Special D  

(born: 1999)

(wither height, 1.68m)

Special D is a strongly developed, typey stallion with a reactangular shape. His neckline is well-formed and withers and shoulders are well-developed. He has strong loins with a well-applied hind leg.
Special D is a son of the stallion Métall. Special D is supported on the dam's side by solid, proven bloodlines with quality movements, such as Zandigo, Farn, Doruto.

Special D was the convincing winner Pavo Cup of the 4 years dressagehorses in 2003. During the stallioncompetition 2003/2004 he earned a second place.
Special D performed very good in Verden at the worldchampionships dressage in 2004 with an average of 8,38.
During the Stallion Competition 2004/2005 he earned 2nd place.
Special D was successfully released in the level light-tour by Diederik van Silfhout. The results are high scores and beautiful victories.

Each year Special D scores  a very high percentage of star / host / elite mares. Several times a daughter of Special D becomes a Champion of Central Inspection. Each year provides Special D well moving mares on the National Show. A large number of daughters has a IBOP score over 80 points.

The offspring of Special D perform remarkably well in the dressagesport. Several offspring participated the final of the Pavo Cup. The first offspring of Special D will be in the national dressage going to be released. Special D has allready 2 KWPN well-proved sons from his first crop, namely: Zanzibar and Andretti (winner of the stallioncompetition 2009/2010). 

The black Special D is very suitable for breeding of a modern dressagehorse, power, charme and character.



 Métall  Ferro
 keur, pref.
 ster, pref., prest. 
 ster, pref.
 G Ramiro Z
 keur, pref.
 keur, pref., prest.
 keur, pref.




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