Welcome to The Studfarm of 'Gebr. Van Manen'  

We wish you a warm welcome to the site of Gebr van Manen. Our company is active in various areas within the horse industry. The main point of our business is the stud, our station is a recognized EU drive under NL 8481. We offer top stallions in both the KWPN KFPS. Every year we have a very interesting collection of stallions to choose from. You can contact us for a professional and objective advice on the choice of partner for your mare.

The mares can be inseminated at our studfarm or at your own home. It is also possible to ship the semen to all the other stallion stations within the Netherlands. The mares can also be inseminated at our studfarm with a stallion from another studfarm.   

Besides the studfarm we are specialized in the training of dressage, jumping, harness or Frysian horses. For many years we make horses of customers ready for the inspection and this with great success! Both the mares and the stallions, several times we have the "champion" of an examination prepared. We can make your horse in a professional manner both schooling under saddle as for the wagon.

You can contact us for buying and selling your horse, we have always a current range of quality horses.

We have spacious stabling facilities with more than 70 stables for your mare and foal.





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