(born: 1994)

(wither height 1.69m)

Métall, the son of Ferro, is a well lined stallion with an impressive neckline, a very lovely head and good movements.
Métall is exceptionally well-suited to be a dressage stallion, both the sire's and the dam's side (G. Ramiro Z.) join together to give him all the ingredients to be on the very top. Métall is making the expectations of the breeders come true. The foals have front, size, great ability with a beautifully elevated foreleg and the hindleg is well brought under.

The progency of Métall are very good in National as wel as International sport at this moment with an absolute topper Uthopia who gained together with Carl Hester Team gold on E.C. in Rotterdam. Other impressive progency of Metall in sport are: Modjo, Rapaz, Schermershof Suprise, Special D, Scaramouche,Uranium W, Broere Ufo, Us Abe, Talinda, T-Date M, Tiva-Nana , Valentino Sollenburg, Well Done Sollenburg,they all start in level ZZ-light or light-tour.

Métall is, for his bloodlines, type and movements very interesting for the breeding of dressage horses.  


Frozen semen is available.

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