(born: 2010)

(wither height 1.69m)

Fabulous is a well developed, typical rig built stallion. The neck has good length in which the head / neck-onset is light. The neck has sufficient length and look great, the wither is well developed. The hooves are generously developed, the bedrock is hard and dry.

The father of the Fabulous Manno-Unieko son himself was a three-year-old champion of the stallion. For several years Unieko makes very much impression with his offspring in the tests. On the NMK Anca, Aurose, Dareda, Dirose, Edaperty and Farianne were honored as champion. Dam Tatjana is a daughter of the half-breed American Saddlebred Marvel. American Saddlebred blood is within the harness horse breeding less prominently present. This is in the context of blood spreading a very positive point of Fabulous. Among the different stallions with American Saddlebred-blood who have served breeding purposes is the deployment of Marvel most successful. His breeding is also above average.

Fabulous has successfully passed the performance test. Fabulous is an honest and reliable stallion. He is very willing to work and is easy to ride. For the show car, the stallion put the neck well. Fabulous has ample space and action in the foreleg, the hind legs are well bent and ample to good placed , the trot has much suspension. Fabulous has a lot of willingness to work and has a lot of enthusiasm. Fabulous is more than sufficient to much talent in harness and gives his rider a more than sufficient to good feeling.

Fabulous has made ​​an excellent debut in 2014 in the sport. He has won the southern singles competition, he won all the competitions in which he participated.


 Unieko  Manno
 ster, pref. 
 Cambridge Cole
 keur, pref.
 keur, pref.
 keur, pref.




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