(born 2005)

(wither height 1.71m)


Aqiedo is a natural talent from a predicate rich sport pedigree. Sire Undigo of father side the blood of the influential Sandro Hit. Ranirma described in the books as mother of Aqiedo. She is a label mare of Ferro-son Métall from label preferente sport(dr) mare Janirma (f.Darwin). Janirma is also mother of KWPN-stallion Paddox (f. ferro), participant in the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden in 2002 and 2003 and later successful in the Light Tour.
Aqiedo has successfully run through the securities research, the stallion has a lot of willingness to work and can well be treated. As a dressage horse Aqiedo has much construction and give the rider a good feeling.

The offspring of Aqiedo are long-legged and  good in the dressage model.

At this moment Aqiedo get educated by Adelinde Cornelissen




 Undigo   Sandro Hit
 Sandro Song
 keur pref.
 keur pref. prest.
 Metall  Ferro
 keur pref.
 keur pref. sport-(dress)
 ster pref. prest.




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